Marshall County Health Dept. weekly COVID update

The chart below depicts the weekly 7-day average as reported by KDPH every Wednesday (based on the average of the previous 7 days). This week we are at 226.9. This is up from 98.8 this time last week

Here is the data for Marshall County as of today (1-19-22)

Total COVID Cases 6,920 (Increase of 687 from last week)
Current Active Cases 844 (Increase of 373 from last week)
Current Hospitalizations 5 (No Change from last week)
Total COVID related deaths 91 (Increase of 1 from last week)


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Disclaimer: All information in this update is point-in-time data. Information changes daily.

Billy Pitts, Public Health Director with the Marshall County Health Department, said this week’s update has shattered some of the previous peaks related to COVID. The incidence rate is at 226.9 with 844 active cases and a monthly total of 1,258 cases with 11 days more to go in the month.

“These numbers are staggering to say the least”, said Pitts. “We are fortunate that the rate of hospitalizations and deaths have not kept pace with the dramatic rise in cases. However, I would like to caution everyone that hospitalizations and deaths sometimes lag the peaks by a couple of weeks. I will keep you informed if that begins to happen in our community. I would also like to remind everyone that while the rate of increase of hospitalizations has not kept pace with the increase in positive cases, the hospitals in our region are already reaching critical capacity. Combine that with the fact that our hospitals are also challenged with staffing shortages, the situation could become more critical if we have an influx of patients.”

Pitts said that the Marshall County Health Department is transitioning to a passive model for contact tracing.

“As we have been dealing with COVID-19 for the past 22 months, everyone should understand that they are to isolate if they test positive”, said Pitts. “Everyone should also know to quarantine if you’ve been exposed to a positive person.”

The latest guidance chart pertaining to isolation and quarantine is attached below.

Pitts said the Health Department is here to serve in every capacity they can but at the same time they cannot keep pace with the number of positive cases. The volume is so high, that in many cases they do not receive notification of positive cases from the testing facilities for several days after the positive test.

Here is how the passive model works:

  1. If you test positive for COVID, isolate in accordance with the attached guidance; do not wait for a call from the health department.
  2. If you are exposed to a person positive with COVID, quarantine in accordance with the attached guidance; do not wait for a call from the health department.
  3. If you are an employer of a person who tests positive for COVID or is exposed, allow them to isolate/quarantine in accordance with the attached guidance. If you need proof of their positive test, have the employee provide the proof in the form of the positive test result from the test facility.
  4. For those who need a call back from the Marshall County Health Department contact tracing team, call 270-252-2743 and leave a message with your name and number.

Those who leave a message with the Health Department, it will be returned as fast as humanly possible. Pitts asks that everyone keep in mind, that unless you tested at their facility, we may not receive notification of your test results for several days. The systems across the state are simply overloaded with the high volume of tests.