MCHS Leadership Class partners with Marshall County Public Library to create projects

L-R : Nick Adams (MCPL staff), Landon Rudd (MCHS student), Evie Powell (MCHS Student) and Vicki English (MCHS staff).

We would like to thank the students in the Marshall County Leadership class for their efforts in partnering with our Technology and Facilities Coordinator, Nick Adams. Students used equipment housed in our Makerspace, located inside our Benton Branch of the Marshall County Public Library System, to create the two projects. One project was a banner to be used by the MCHS volleyball team and the other was acrylic signs to be posted inside Benton Elementary School.

Both projects were student designed and student made. Adams helped train each student to use the equipment and they used their training to make each unique project its own.

L-R: Lorri Shadowen (BES principal), Evie Powell (MCHS Student), Nick Adams (MCPL staff)