TVA Kentucky Dam Visitor’s Center to Reopen Saturday, April 6

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. —The Kentucky Dam Visitor’s Center will reopen Saturday, April 6. Nearly 30,000 guests visited the Kentucky Dam Visitor’s Center in 2023 despite the center being closed for about a month for renovations.

The TVA facility is located just east of the path of totality for a major solar eclipse on the afternoon of April 8 and an increase in foot traffic is expected opening weekend as eclipse-chasers pass by the dam on Interstate 24. To mark the occasion, the Kentucky Dam Visitor’s Center staff will have a limited supply of free solar eclipse glasses that will be handed out by volunteers with Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc.

Volunteers are retired TVA employees who educate guests about the history of the site and the mission of TVA to serve the people of the Tennessee Valley that touches seven states.

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