October events at Land Between the Lakes

October 1-7 | Wolf Week – Nature Station

Check out the flyer for a list of programming.

October 7, 7pm | Laser Metallica – Golden Pond Planetarium

For a full list of upcoming laser shows see the Laser Show Schedule.

October 7, at dark | Star Party (weather dependent) – Golden Pond Observatory

Join the West Kentucky Amateur Astronomers at the Observatory located behind the planetarium for a night a sky viewing through telescopes. This event is weather dependent.

October 8, 10:30am-12:30pm | Cooking on the Wood Stove – Homeplace

Visitors to the Homeplace love to talk about their memories of wood cook-stoves and the old cast iron skillets that have been passed down through the generations. Come and experience traditional cooking methods and learn how to take care of Granny’s skillet for the next generation.

October 12, 11am-12pm | Homeschool Fall Learning Series: Alien Invaders – Nature Station

Though they may be cute and cuddly some animals are actually . . . alien invaders! Learn about invasive species and how they can impact our native wildlife.

• Call 270-924-2020 to reserve your spot. $3.00/participant.

• Pre-registration is required. Program limited to 25 participants.

• Program meets at Nature Station picnic pavilion.

• Does not include admission to the Woodlands Nature Station.

October 22, 11am-1pm | Blacksmithing – Homeplace

It’s Hammer time at the 1850’s farm! We will be demonstrating historical methods of blacksmithing on a bellows operated charcoal forge. Learn about metallurgy during the mid-1800s and explore how a farmer would repair and replace broken and damaged tools.

October 28, 11:30am-12pm | The “Spooky” Safari – Nature Station

Let’s take a tour of the backyard and learn the spooky sounds, superstitions, and stories of the animals in the backyard. We will find out the truth behind the myth, as we get a closer look at these amazing creatures.

October 29, 10am-1pm | Halloween Quilting Bee – Homeplace

Come out and join us for our Halloween Quilting Bee! Learn the basics of quilting via our graveyard quilt, a popular method of remembering loved ones after they had died.

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The Friends of Land Between the Lakes have partnered with the USDA Forest Service at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area to provide interpretive, informative, and support services. The Friends are supported through business and personal memberships, gift shop sales, and other contributions. More information is available online at www.friendsoflbl.org.