Conner Honored as Volunteer of the Year by Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Dallas Jo Conner (left) with says Wendy Baxter, Kentucky Lakes Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

BENTON, KY – Dallas Conner, a dedicated member of our community, has been recognized as the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Executives’ Volunteer of the Year. This award is a testament to Conner’s unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the Marshall County community through selfless acts of service.

​Conner is a well-known figure in Marshall County, where her impact spans various facets of community life. Whether through her role at CFSB, her successful small business, The Cheeseboader Co., or her unwavering commitment to community service, Conner’s influence is felt far and wide.

​One of Conner’s most commendable qualities is her active participation in numerous charitable and nonprofit organizations. She has served as the Chairman of the Kentucky Lakes Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of CASA by the Lakes, among other roles. Conner not only attends meetings but also actively contributes behind the scenes, often taking on tasks that others may shy away from. Her dedication to these organizations and her ability to represent them in the community have been instrumental in driving positive change in Marshall County.

​Conner’s commitment to the community extends beyond her official roles. She is always ready to lend a helping hand and connect people with valuable resources. An example of her impact is the partnership between CFSB and the Family Scholar House in Louisville, which resulted in a community resource kiosk at the local library. Conner’s involvement ensured that this initiative not only benefited the library but also contributed to building a stronger and more equitable community.

​“Dallas’s remarkable commitment to serving her community, her tireless dedication to various organizations, and her ability to bring about positive change make her an exemplary Chamber volunteer,” says Wendy Baxter, Kentucky Lakes Chamber of Commerce Executive. “We are lucky to have her as part of the Marshall County community and Kentucky Lakes Chamber of Commerce.”

​The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is a leading advocate for businesses in the state, committed to promoting economic growth, advocating for pro-business policies, and fostering a strong sense of community engagement. The Volunteer of the Year Award is one of the Chamber’s initiatives to recognize outstanding individuals who make a difference in their communities through volunteer work.