Calvert City Police Dept. Arrest Report

Calvert City, KY (September 18, 2023) – On September 16, 2023 the Calvert City Police Department and the Kentucky State Park Rangers responded to a report of a female on Highway 62 who was waving her hands at traffic.  Officers made contact with Rachel Williams, 50, of 4927 Carver Street, Lakeworth, FL and her boyfriend.  While talking to the officers, Williams slapped her boyfriend in the face.  She was immediately placed in handcuffs.  It was determined that she was under the influence of alcohol.  Upon arrival at the detention center, Williams spit on the arresting officer.  While in the jail she slapped a female employee and started a fight in the booking area.  Williams was charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place, disorderly conduct 2nd degree, assault 4th degree (domestic violence) no visible injury, and assault 3rd degree-police or probation officer.