Calvert City Summer Slam draws over 180 players

Calvert City Pickleball players Jenny Travis (left) and Leigh Toby took Silver in the 4.0 Women’s Doubles division in the Calvert City Summer Slam pickleball tournament.

The first Calvert City Summer Slam pickleball tournament was held Friday through Sunday with over 180 players in attendance. The women’s, men’s and mixed doubles tournament was played on the new Calvert City courts and the action was as hot as the temperatures.

Played on a 20 by 44-foot court, pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country and is often described as a combination of tennis, ping-pong and badminton. The sport appeals to all age groups and can be played as either singles or doubles.

In 2017, Darlene and Parvin Latta attended a Calvert City council meeting requesting the tennis courts be marked for pickleball with a handful of people playing in Calvert City. In 2022, Calvert City constructed four dedicated pickleball courts in Doctor’s Park. The Calvert City pickleball group now has over 250 in their registry log.

Over 50 photos of some of this weekend’s action below the podium results.

Women’s Doubles 2.5
1st – Tracy Heflin, Beth Shelton
2nd – Becky Oakley, Leta Smith
3rd – Maryann Morris, Debbie Barger
Women’s Doubles 3.0
1st – Becky Wilkie, Jessie Calvert
2nd – Amy Hartz, Stacy Nunley
3rd – Brigette Thompson, Blaire Bushart
Women’s Doubles 3.5
1st – Shannon Tays, Alexandria Gold
2nd – Sara Darling, Lisa Tack
3rd – Sydney Shelton, Rachel Stewart
Women’s Doubles 4.0
1st – Holly Locken, Christine Operle
2nd – Jenny Travis, Leigh Toby
3rd – Kayla Yeh, Kayla Travis
Men’s Doubles 2.5
1st – Shane Boudreaux, Trad York
2nd – George Long, Russell Morris
3rd – Mark Tomlin, Peyton Tomlin
Men’s Doubles 3.0
1st – Jeremy Hudgin, Jacob Hudgin
2nd – Peter John, Mike Omar
3rd – Eric Brown, Eddie Minton
Men’s Doubles 3.5
1st – Kiefer Court, Kian Court
2nd – Jim Hartz, Marvin Nunley
3rd – Kevin Williams, Billy Pyland
Men’s Doubles 4.0
1st – David Druetzler, Brad Wilzbacher
2nd – Justin Yeh, Tyler Denbo
3rd – Raviteja Chinnambeti, Jon Anderson
Mixed Doubles 2.5
1st – CheyAnne Ludovissie, Paul Ludovissie
2nd – Jackie Long, George Long
3rd – Annette Nimmo, Ricky Nimmo
Mixed Doubles 3.0
1st – Jessie Calvert, Zachery Calvert
2nd – Savana Tays, Drake Butler
3rd – Lisa Cook, Brian Cook
Mixed Doubles 3.5
1st – Sara Darling, Jason Williams
2nd – Sharon Sabin, Matt Goodman
3rd – Shannon Tays, Mitchell Ponder
Mixed Doubles 4.0
1st – Ashleigh Reeves, Derek Reeves
2nd – Myra Krenis, Raviteja Chinnambeti
3rd – Holly Locken, Carl Marquess

Calvert City Summer Slam, June 23-25