Local shooters compete at Kolar Mid American

Gavin Stevenson (center) on the podium for the 20 gauge Gun Champ Award.

The Kolar Mid American tournament with 130 shooters from across the country and Canada arrived in St. Joe, Indiana on Friday.

The first event was the doubles which was one by Dan Morris of Cambridge, Ontario Canada. Kentucky shooters who placed in the event were Gavin Stevenson AA5 with 97/100, Ken Ford A3 with 97/100, Brandon Stevenson C5 with 88/100, and Jody Stevenson 95/100 (all of Calvert City), David Duncan with 95/100 A6 Williamstown, Ky, and Jeff Pope 93/100 Union, Ky.
In the 12g event, the big winner was Joe Charles with 100/100 Ashland, Ky. Joe beat 16 other shooters with 100’s in the tie breaker including Olympian, Hall of Famer and holder of multiple world championships Michael Schmidt of Coleman, Georgia. Others placing from Kentucky include David Duncan A3 100/100, Jeff Pope A4 99/100, Hal Wendling C3 98/100 Fort Thomas, Ky, and Brandon Stevenson E2 92/100. Others placing in the event were Ken Ford and Jody Stevenson both with 99/100
In the 20g event, Gavin Stevenson of Calvert City out lasted all the other 100 straights in the tie breaker shoot off to win the 20g gun championship. Tom Davis A1 99/100 Union, Ky, Larry Israel A4 99/100 Fort Mitchell, Ky, Brandon Stevenson D1 91/100. Others placing were Ken Ford and Jody Stevenson both with 97/100
Jack Crispin of Berkley, Ohio was the 28 gauge Champion with 100/100. Placing from Kentucky were Jody Stevenson AA1 100/100, Gavin Stevenson AA3 99/100, Hal Wendling C1 94/100. Ken Ford 99/100,
The 410 went to Brent Edwards of Berkley Mi with the only 100 straight. Others placing in the 410 event include Gavin Stevenson 3rd with 99/100, David Duncan AA4 97/100, Tom Davis A1 98/100, Hal Wendling D1 94/100. Others placing in the event were Ken Ford 97/100, Jody Stevenson 93/100 and Brandon Stevenson 84/100.
The High Overall Event went to Michael Schmidtt 398/400. Others placing from Kentucky include Gavin Stevenson AA1 396/400, Larry Israel A2 392/400 of Fort Mitchell, Ky, David Duncan A3 392/100. Ken Ford placed in the Senior Division with a 392/100 along with Jody Stevenson with a 389/400. Brandon Stevenson has 362/400.