Attorney General Cameron Fights to Protect Women’s Sports, Opposes President Biden’s Attack on Title IX


Commonwealth of Kentucky
Office of Attorney General Daniel Cameron


General Cameron Joins Six Coalitions to Protect Privacy, Safety and
Equality for Female Athletes

FRANKFORT, Ky. (May 17, 2023) – Attorney General Daniel Cameron joined several efforts opposing a Biden Administration proposal that would allow biological men to compete against women and girls in sports.

“This nonsensical policy threatens the fair playing field that Title IX created for women and girls and erases decades of progress for female athletes,” said Attorney General Cameron. “The fact that my office has to fight our federal government on the meaning of biological sex is baffling.”

Earlier this spring, the Department of Education proposed an overreaching, unlawful regulation that allows biological males to compete in female sports. The proposal strips states of their power and duty to protect the equality, privacy and safety of women and girls.

In multiple comment letters to the Department, Attorney General Cameron and his colleagues denounced the proposed regulation, stating that it disregards five decades of evidence showing the benefits of applying the long-established definition of biological sex in sports. The attorneys general also argue that the proposal ignores basic considerations of privacy and fairness, fails to meet the federal government’s duty to analyze costs and benefits, and injects uncertainty into student athletics.

Additionally, Attorney General Cameron signed the Women’s Bill of Rights—a declaration that affirms the legal basis for maintaining sex-based spaces such as locker rooms and domestic violence shelters. The effort is supported by 17 attorneys general and around 24,000 concerned citizens.

The comment letters can be found below.

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