LBL’s Canal Loop site of Sunday’s White Lightning Cross Country Race

Gary Collins (Wood-n-Wave) stands atop the podium in first after Sunday’s White Lightning Singlespeed race with Lynn Underhill in second and Phillip Yopp (Wood-n-Wave) in third. More photos from White Lightning below results.

Mountain bikers converged on Land Between the Lakes Sunday to race in the annual White Lightning Cross Country Race. The North Welcome Station was the site of the race start and finish as competitors raced north on the Canal Loop Trail through the Lake Barkley side first, under the Canal Bridge then proceed through the Kentucky Lake side to finish up a lap of the approximate 11-mile trail. Juniors and Cat 3 categories ran one lap, Cat 2 did two laps and Cat 1 made three loops.

Many local members of Team Wood-n-Wave competed as well as members of the Marshall County Mountain Bike Team. The race is a part of the Tennessee Bike Racing Association (TBRA) series.

Podium results:

Junior 14 & under (male)
1st Mason Dumanski, Wood-n-Wave (58:31)
2nd Ty Elrod, Wood-n-Wave (1:05:55)
3rd Nolan Long, Mid South Racing (1:15:28)

Junior 14 & under (female)
1st Claire Austin, Wood-n-Wave (1:20:39)

Junior 15 & over (male)
1st Brent Smith, True Performance Jr. Dev. (54:59)
2nd Josiah Matheny (55:24)
3rd Trace Schoeberl (58:28)

1st Gary Collins, Wood-n-Wave (1:59.51)
2nd Lynn Underhill (2:00:45)
3rd Phillip Yopp, Wood-n-Wave (2:04:29)

Pro/Cat 1 Men 40+
1st Frank Martin, Wood-n-Wave (3:01:49)
2nd Craig Battinelli, Sonic Racing (3:14:29)

Pro/Cat 1 Open
1st Jesse Smith, DRT (2:49:27)

Pro/Cat 1 Women
1st Christie Brinker, Wood-n-Wave (3:03:21)

Cat 2 Men 15-39
1st Chris Henderson, Nashville Local Cycling (1:44:59)
2nd Connor DeMoll, Stanky Creek Cycling (1:45:37)
3rd Clay Austin, Wood-n-Wave (1:49:35)

Cat 2 Men 40-49
1st Paul Carter (1:52:47)
2nd Jeremy Matheny (2:00:57)
3rd Mike Long, Mid South Racing (2:20:23)

Cat 2 Women
1st Katlyn Carrier (2:09:41)
2nd Dina Greer (2:11:49)
3rd Jennifer Farless (3:02:06)

Men 50+ Combined
1st Steve Jeffords, Wood-n-Wave (2:15:09)

Cat 3 Men 19-29
1st Barry Parks (56:51)
2nd Matthew Jones (57:42)
3rd Cody Thompson (59:26)

Cat 3 Men 30-39
1st Jordan Gatewood, Schellers Evansville (1:02:35)
2nd Matthew Weddle, Schellers Evansville (1:04:14)
3rd Brandon Thurmond (1:06:19)

Cat 3 Men 40+
1st Josh Crouch (56:25)
2nd Jamie Dumanski (58:06)
3rd Matthew Baxter (58:33)

Cat 3 Women 19-29
1st Presleigh Jennings, Wood-n-Wave (1:05:58)
2nd Allie Burkeen, Wood-n-Wave (1:08:59)

Cat 3 Women 40+
1st Amanda Jameson, Wood-n-Wave (1:10:50)
2nd Misti Bohanon, Wood-n-Wave (1:19:34)

Men 50+ & 60+ Combined
1st Kevin Bohanon, Wood-n-Wave (1:52:35)
2nd Jeff Jones, Wood-n-Wave (2:12:21)
3rd Stephen Carr, Sonic Racing (2:14:30)

(L-R) Presleigh Jennings, Allie Burkeen and Claire Austin all riding for Wood-n-Wave, at the start of the Cat 3 19-29 and Junior 14 & Under race.
Frank Martin (Wood-n-Wave) and Craig Battinelli (Sonic Racing) stand in first and second after the Pro/Cat 1 three-lap race.
Wood-n-Wave riders Kevin Bohanon and Jeff Jones finished first and second in Cat 2 Men’s 50+ Combined.
Christie Brinker (Wood-n-Wave) won the Pro/Cat 1 race, finishing the three laps in 3:03:21.
Taking the podium in first, second and third in the Junior 14 & Under race, Mason Dumanski (Wood-n-Wave), Ty Elrod (Wood-n-Wave) and Nolan Long (Mid South Racing).
Brent Smith (True Performance Jr. Development) took the win in Junior 15 & Over, followed by Josiah Matheny in second and Trace Schoeberl in third.
Chris Henderson of Nashville Local Cycling won the Cat 2 15-39 race, second place went to Connor DeMoll (Stanky Creek Cycling) and third to Clay Austin (Wood-n-Wave).
Taking first and second in Cat 3 40+, Wood-n-Wave riders Amanda Jameson and Misti Bohanon.