4-Hers Get Creative for the Holidays

Ellie Washburn’s Holiday Workshop project
Trevor Goheen’s Holiday Workshop project
Jayden Littrell’s Holiday Workshop project

Sixteen years of 4-Hers Holiday creativity took a virtual route this year! Due to the ongoing pandemic, thirteen Marshall County 4-Hers prepared for the holidays virtually as they participated in the
16th Annual 4-H Holiday Workshop. During three virtual workshop sessions, the 4-Hers learned to make various crafts as well as played a couple of games. Based on survey results, several gave some or all of their handmade items as Christmas 2020 gifts.

During their weekly sessions, 4-Hers made (or at least started to complete later) clay ornaments; door wreaths; accessory holder or decorative boards; tabletop corn hole game wood project; string art; and upcycled mosaic heart jewelry boxes. The 4-Hers were provided most supplies for the projects as part of their Holiday Workshop kit with families providing basics such as glue, scissors, and markers. The kits and virtual workshop sessions were provided at no cost due to availability of program support funds from the Marshall County Extension District Board.

The Holiday Workshop kits and crafts were demonstrated by Roxanne Lee, Extension Program Assistant. Lena Mallory, County Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development, coordinated registration and promotion as well as served as host/facilitator of what became known as “Clover Station.” 4-H Teen Volunteers were critical in helping monitor chat boxes and 4-Her progression for questions and ensure the youth were able to tackle the art projects. Morgan Westerfield and Olivia Miller each made videos for demonstrating the wreath and mosaic boxes respectively. Baella Morgan served as a session monitor.

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