Dr. Randon Prather with Gentle Dental Care was our guest on Coffee Call

Dr. Randon Prather with Gentle Dental Care in Benton joined us recently on WCBL’s Coffee Call program. With Halloween here, Dr. Prather says many children and adults will be partaking of candy and he says it’s okay to eat some, but not to eat it day after day. He says it’s much better to eat what you want, then brush your teeth and either throw the rest away or save for another day. Brushing is important, of course, but Dr. Prather says flossing is also very important and even for very young children. And when it comes to children, he says they need help brushing their teeth until they are 7 to 8 years old. Gentle Dental Care is located at 1301 Olive Street in Benton. Call 270-527-1479.

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