Kayla Teckenbrock with Raymond James Financial was our guest on Coffee Call

Kayla Teckenbrock with Raymond James Financial joined Jeff Waters recently on WCBL’s Coffee Call program. Kayla says even though you might worry about the election outcome, to keep in mind that historically the market tends to do the same thing no matter who wins an election. And she says it is almost impossible to time the market and once you get out, it’s also almost impossible to get back in at the right time. The main thing is to be invested in good, sound investments and that’s something your advisor can help you with. It’s also important to have a regular yearly checkup to make sure your investments are in line with your financial goals. Kayla says with the end of the year almost here, it’s a good time to meet with your tax advisor to see if there are some moves you can make to help you on your taxes. Kayla is now affiliated with Hendrickson Wealth and Retirement located at 105 W. 5th Street in Benton. Call 270-906-2139.

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