Marshall County School Superintendent Trent Lovett was our guest on Coffee Call

Marshall County School Superintendent Trent Lovett joined us recently on WCBL’s Coffee Call program. He said last year went about as well as could have been expected with the COVID-19 epidemic. He said he was very proud of the teachers, students and parents. Lovett said plans for this upcoming school year have not been finalized yet, and guidelines continue to change, although they have been loosened somewhat. He said right now it looks like masks will need to be worn by students while on the bus, but he is hopeful they won’t have to be worn the entire time while in school. Lovett says he is looking forward to working with new high school principal Robin McCoy. When it comes to sports, he says he expects golf and cross country to get started before long but when it comes to other sports it is kind of a wait and see situation at this time. Bus drivers are always needed and if you wish to inquire about that or you have any other question, call the board office at 270-527-8628.

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