Jennifer Brown with the Marshall County Health Department was our guest on Coffee Call

Jennifer Brown with the Marshall County Health Department joined us recently on WCBL’s Coffee Call program. With COVID-19 still very much in the news and some recent hot spots in Florida, California and Texas, Kentucky overall has fared pretty well thus far. Brown says Marshall County has not seen a new case in the last few days and has been fortunate to not see a lot of cases. But she says even though businesses are opening again and people are doing more things away from home, that you still have to be cautious because the virus is still with us and will be for quite some time. And when it comes to wearing a mask, Brown says you should wear one anytime you are around people, especially when you are indoors and even outdoors if you are unable to social distance. She says one of the scariest things about this virus is that it is very difficult to determine how it will affect each individual. For questions or more information, call the health department at 270-527-1496.

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