Marshall and Calloway Counties Judicial Centers to slowly reopen to public

After closing to the general public in March, the Marshall & Calloway county judicial centers will begin to slowly reopen to the public beginning this Monday, June 1st, 2020. However, by order of the Kentucky Supreme Court, access to the judicial centers will still be very limited. It is recommended that members of the public not appear at the judicial centers without first calling and setting an appointment with a specific office. Otherwise, considerable delays may occur or residents may be unable to complete their business before the building closes.

Below is an update regarding in person appearances with respect to each of the following offices located in the Marshall & Calloway County judicial centers:

1. Circuit Clerk’s office (driver’s licensing, filing of District, Circuit, or Family court documents, etc): In addition to accepting phone calls, each Circuit Clerk’s office will begin receiving individuals by appointment June 1st, 2020 for the purpose of handling certain driver’s license matters. Any person wishing to conduct business with driver’s licensing must call the Circuit Clerk’s office for that county in advance of appearing and schedule an appointment. For Calloway County drivers licensing, please call 270-753-2714. For Calloway County court business, please call 270-753-0060. For Marshall County driver’s licensing please call 270-527-3883. For Marshall County court business, please call 270-527-1721.

2. Probation & Parole: For anyone who has business with probation & parole, please call 270-527-3515 for Marshall County; 270-753-7980 for Calloway County.

3. County Attorney (prosecution of criminal matters, child support, etc.): The Calloway County Attorney’s office is not located in the judicial center. To contact the Calloway County Attorney’s office, please call 270-753-3312. The Marshall County Attorney’s office is located in the Benton judicial center. Because the Marshall County Attorney’s office is located in the judicial center, that office is subject to the Supreme Court’s order regarding who may actually enter the building. For the time being, that is expressly limited to: (1) persons obtaining a driver’s license; or (2) individuals who are necessary parties for a court case on the docket for that particular date and time.  Accordingly, anyone wishing to speak with the Marshall County Attorney’s office for any matter must continue to call or email that office until the Supreme Court’s restrictions have been modified and/or lifted.  The office number is 270-527-4730, and for child support issues 270 527-4752.

4. If you have an ongoing court case: Please contact your attorney right away if you have an attorney because most court appearances have been rescheduled. Those represented by the public defender’s office are asked to contact their attorney at 833-514-8983 immediately. If you do not have an attorney, please call the Circuit Clerk’s office where the case is located and you will be given further instructions.

Wearing a mask: For anyone who is approved to appear in person at a judicial center, the Kentucky Supreme Court requires that person to wear a medical or cloth mask of some form. By order of the Supreme Court, no one will be permitted in a judicial center without a mask unless a medical condition prevents them from wearing a mask.

Social distancing: The Kentucky Supreme Court requires all persons to maintain compliance with social distancing while they are inside a judicial center.

Cleaning of facilities: Cleaning crews will be maintaining the upkeep and disinfecting of all public areas located in judicial centers in order to protect our local citizens.

Viewing court proceedings: Anyone who wishes to view a public court proceeding should contact the Circuit Clerk of the county the case is being heard in to arrange virtual viewing of that court proceeding (such as a trial or hearing). By order of the Kentucky Supreme Court, members of the media will be permitted to view public court proceedings, but only by live digital signal or digital recording. Any exception to this rule may only be granted by the Supreme Court.

Posting of bond in criminal cases: Anyone wishing to post a bond in a criminal case should contact the Circuit Clerk for the county the case is in for further instructions.

Payments: Payments toward court costs, restitution, fines, and fees must still be paid. These may be paid by mailing a money order to the Circuit Clerk of the county the case is in or by calling the Circuit Clerk’s office and paying by credit card.

Items you can bring: A person entering a judicial center may bring with them only one cell phone and any needed paperwork. No purses or bags of any kind will be permitted.

Employees: All persons employed by an agency located in a judicial center must report daily their physical health condition including their body temperature to their employer who will report this information to the office of the Chief Circuit Judge.

One at a time: Generally, only one person at a time will be permitted in a judicial center unless otherwise approved by the court bailiff for the purpose of conducting a court docket.

Citizens are encouraged to contact their respective Circuit Clerk’s office with any questions. For Marshall County, please call 270-527-1721; for Calloway County, please call 270-753-0060.


Jamie Jameson
Chief Circuit Judge
Marshall & Calloway Counties