Russ Claiborne joins us on Coffee Call to talk about tax fraud and security matters with CFSB

Protecting our identity from criminals is always something we should be aware of. Joining WCBL’s Jeff Waters recently on Coffee Call was Russ Claiborne. Russ is an expert on tax fraud and security matters with CFSB in Benton. He says one practice happening right now is someone else filing your taxes illegally in order to get your tax return money. He says to always know who you are talking to and to never give out personal information to someone unless you know it is legitimate. And Russ says it is always important to keep an eye on your credit report and one of the best ways to do that is by going to It is a free service and you will be able to see who has looked at your credit report and you will also be able to see if anyone has opened a credit card in your name or some other illegal activity. You can reach Russ Claiborne at CFSB on West 5th Street in Benton at 270-527-6411.

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