Transportation officials seeking owner of pine trees planted along U.S. 60/Park Avenue

PADUCAH, Ky. (Dec. 17, 2019) – Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) staff are seeking the person(s) responsible for recently planting pine trees along a section of U.S. 60/Park Avenue in Paducah to come forward and reclaim their property.

Within the last week, small pine trees were planted in the utility strip along the eastbound lanes of U.S. 60 in the 3400 block of Park Avenue between the sidewalk and the curb.

Paducah city officials noticed someone had been digging along the edge of the roadway and inquired with KYTC officials about possible permits issued for work along the right of way. No permit application was found for the location and there was no indication of Before You Dig (BUD) markings at the site.  Within a day or two, the trees were planted.

While the trees pose no immediate safety hazard, they could become a safety issue as they grow by restricting visibility for both motorists and pedestrians.

KYTC Chief District Engineer Kyle Poat noted that KYTC personnel would like to identify the owner of the trees before crews remove them.

“We’re not interested in penalizing the owner.  We simply want to allow them an opportunity to retrieve their property,” said Poat. “We also want them to be aware that they need to apply for a permit for similar activities in the future.  Citizens may not be aware that activities performed along state-owned property, like landscaping or ditch extensions, require a permit.”

The owner of the trees may contact the KYTC District 1 Office at 270-898-2431 through Friday, Dec. 20 to make arrangements to remove them.

Poat suggested that anyone who plans work on or near state highway right of way should contact the KYTC permit office to assure their work will not create roadway issues.