SMES 1st Grader On Track to Win Leather Jacket

South Marshall Elementary 1st Grader, Tucker Reed, is following in his Dad’s tracks and has picked up go-kart racing like he was born to do it!  He started racing like his Dad, Randall Reed, this past season and hasn’t looked back.  When they found out about the 6 race Russellville Indoor Series, which is just 2 hours from home, Tucker decided he wanted to try his best to win not just 1 race, but the entire series.  The prize for having the most points at the end of the 6 races is a Leather Jacket!  As of right now, they are half way thru the series and Tucker is the points leader.  He told me a few days ago, “I’m going to win that leather jacket!”.  After watching the videos of both his heat race and his feature race, I have no doubt that he has a very good chance at winning that leather jacket!  Tucker is a natural in a go-kart.  Of course, he has some help from his Dad as his “Crew Chief” to help get the go-kart together and ready for each race.  Good Luck at the next 3 races Tucker!