Café Célébré Teams Up with Benton Elementary Teachers to Support the Dinner Table Project

The kindergarten students at Benton Elementary are researching ways they can help people in our community have dinner together. To aid in their research, they will be interviewing Café Célébré manager Monday, November 25th at Benton Elementary.

Café Célébré is excited to be a small part of this program that encourages families to eat together at least once a week in order to build stronger relationship and develop healthier eating habits. Koleen Slusher, director of the Division of Behavioral Health in the Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental, and Intellectual Disabilities (BHDID). states that “This program fosters good communication, positive emotion, and good self-esteem for kids.” DBH adopted the program as a statewide approach in the summer of 2019. Four Rivers Regional Prevention Center started the program in 2015.

One of Café Célébré’s goals is to offer Family Meals that aid in making dinner enjoyable, affordable, and doable in our busy world today. We can’t wait to hear what suggestions the students at Benton Elementary have for us and our community. Celebrating relationships and good food is what we enjoy doing most!