World Missions & Evangelism: August Non-Profit Spotlight brought to you by CFSB

World Missions & Evangelism originated in Marshall County back in August of 1988 and David Parish has remained at the helm since Day 1!  They started to help support Richard and Pat Crowder in Honduras as a Mission Sending Agency then progressed into Church Planting Training, then on to their current primary focus of Disciple Making Movements.

WME has planted over 13,000 groups/churches since 2000 in multiple countries throughout the western hemisphere.  The amount of people around the world that are considered “unreached” as of June 2019 are 59% of the population, which would be approximately 4.6 billion.  By definition, unreached people are groups of people with less than 2% of the population that are Evangelical Christians.  WME is working with groups around the world to reach each of these groups in some way by December 31, 2025, which is a very ambitious goal.  In the video, David talks about a device that they have that helps those that can not read, what he did not mention that I also found interesting is that they are solar powered.  Some of these villages do not have power, therefore they are still able to use this device for their bible studies for those that are unable to read.