Community Health Assessment Survey for Marshall and connecting Counties

The Marshall County Health Department is asking the community to participate in the survey sponsored by the Marshall County Health Coalition for the betterment of our community, and will help as far as grant moneys go.  Click on one of the links in blue.   Also  to get a better understanding of the needs our citizens may have, please forward this to as many as you can;  your club members, and families that live or work in the area.    The survey  will help to see where we need to reach out.  

The survey is finally ready for distribution.  We can do electronic surveys or paper surveys.  The link to the electronic survey is below.

2019 Marshall County Community Health Survey or

Please, please, share this, we need to get as many as possible to take the survey.  The survey does ask for what town you live nearest to, Benton, Hardin, or Calvert.  If you live out of the county, you may still take the survey.  We want anyone who lives, works, plays or prays in Marshall County to take the survey.  Just pick a town nearest.

If you need a paper survey, please let the Marshall County Health Department know.  If you are willing to distribute paper surveys or the survey link, please let them know.  270-527-1496

If you have staff, please forward the link and encourage your staff to take the survey and get family members too.