TMXA was finally able to get their first race of the year in at Acen’s MX this weekend!!  The weather was absolutely perfect!!  The winners are listed below along with a few pictures from the weekend.

The TMXA Series takes a break this weekend, then heads to Copperhead MX in Hopkinsville, KY on May 18th!

TMXA Full Race Results for 5/5/2019 can be seen by Clicking HERE

Listed below are the Class Winners

   Open B/C Amateur Quad:  Alex Lucas

   16-24 Bike Open Trophy: Grayson Crum

25+Money:  Brandon Hindman

50+:  Ronnie A. Ray

450 B:  Timothy Greif

50-90cc Youth OPEN:  Brent Thompson

50cc 4-6:  Tristan Fitzhugh

85cc Senior 12-15:  Wesley Stone

30+ B/C Bike Trophy:  Clint Burkeen

Open A Money:  Brandon Hindman

50cc 7-8:  Cobie Cummins

Quad 51- 70cc 6-11:  Alyssa Allison

65cc 7-9:  Porter Shell

50cc Shaft:  Tristan Fitzhugh

85cc Junior 7-11:  Christian Wallace

25+ Quad Trophy:  Richard Wilson

25+ Quad Money:  Justin McDaniel

Schoolboy 12-16:  Jake Fish

Beg. Mini Quad 0-90 4-8 yr. old:  Jayde Durham

Quad 0-50cc 5-8 Open:  Blake Tatum

250 B:  Cody Crick

25+ Bike Trophy:  Clint Burkeen

Quad 16-24 Open Trophy:  Preston Foutch

65cc 7-11:  Christian Wallace

Quad 71-90 Production:  Brent Thompson

50cc 4-8 Open:  Cobie Cummins

450 C:  Joshua Greif

Supermini 7-16:  Christian Wallace

Quad Girls &Women:  Alyssa Allison

85 Beginner:  Tommy Lacroix

Girls 9-13/Women 12 & Up:  Melissa Watson

Beg Bike:  Tyler Coney

150-300 Open Quad:  Alex Lucas

250 C:  Will Weaver

Pictures Provided By: Melissa Gilland