Marcella’s Kitchen Serves First Meal to Public at New Location

Monday, May 6th, Marcella’s Kitchen opened their doors to the new location at 868 Guy Mathis Drive in Benton to serve their first meal to the public!  This facility is absolutely amazing!   So many from the community have stepped up over the past months to make sure that this facility would be open and top notch….now we need to carry on this momentum!

Marcella expects the need to rise even more than at the previous location, therefore they will need more volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer, stop by and see them to see what you can do to help.  I have volunteered at the previous facility, and all I can say is they are so blessed to have this new facility!  They have so much more room and some top of the line equipment.  I snapped a few pictures today while I was there doing a live video for our May Non-Profit Spotlight (Brought to you By CFSB)