Marshals go 3-1 at The Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach

Riley Harris at the plate for the Marshals earlier this season, picked up the win on the mound in the Marshals 5-3 win over Ashland Blazer on Wednesday in Myrtle Beach, SC.

After a successful stop in Knoxville on Saturday where the Marshals played two games and picked up two wins over Northwest, Tenn. and McHenry, Ill., they headed further east to Myrtle Beach, SC for four games at The Ripken Experience.

In games Monday through Wednesday, the Marshals finished 3-1 with wins over Kentucky teams North Bullitt, Russell and Ashland Blazer and their one loss coming from Eastern.

Monday against North Bullitt, the Eagles led 2-0 after three innings before the Marshall bats got to work, scoring four runs in the top of the fourth on a solo home from Tyler Belcher. The second run scored on a single by Brady Ives with two more crossing home plate on errors to lead 4-2.

The Marshals added three runs in the top of the fifth inning on a 3-run double by Skylar Brown for a 7-2 lead. North Bullitt added two runs in the bottom of the inning to cut the Marshals lead to 7-4.

Two runs in the top of the sixth for the Marshals came on a fly ball by C.J. Johnson and ground out by Cole Griggs for a 9-4 Marshall County win on nine hits. The win on the mound went to Brown in four innings of work, allowing four hits, four runs with seven strike outs.

Marshall 0 0 0  4 3 2  0  9 9 3
N. Bullitt 1 0 1   0 2 0  0  4 4 3
Marshall: Buchmeier 1/3, Griggs 1/4, Belcher 1/3 (HR, RBI), Brown 2/2 (2B, 3 RBI), Riley 1/4, B. Ives 2/4 (RBI), Stockdale 1/3
N. Bullitt: Warren 2/3 (2-2B), Saylor 2/3 (2 RBI)
Marshall: Brown 5.0 (4 hits, 4 runs), Luebker 1.0 (0 hits, 0 runs), Hale 1.0 (0 hits, 0 runs)
N. Bullitt: Hall 6.0 (9 hits, 9 runs), McNear 1.0 (0 hits, 0 runs)

The Marshals string of eight straight wins ended on Tuesday in a 6-5 loss to Eastern, Ky. out of the seventh region.
Eastern scored a run in the first inning on a triple by Trent Robinson before the Marshals put together a 4-run top of the second , scoring on an Isiah Neeble double, single by Austin Stockdale and two runs coming in on a wild pitch and ground out by Ty Buchmeier.

Eastern cut the lead to 4-3 at the end of the fourth before the Marshals added a run in the top of the sixth for a 5-3 lead on a triple hit by Buchmeier. The game was tied at 5-5 by Eastern in the bottom of the seventh on a double by Andrew Delaney with the walk-off win for the Eagles coming on a 2-out single by Jared Sease.

Marshall 0 4 0  0 0 1  0   5  6 2
Eastern    1 0 0  2 0 0  3  6 14 2
Marshall: Buchmeier 2/4 (3B, 2 RBI), Riley 1/2 (2B), G. Griggs 1/3, Neeble 1/3 (2B, RBI), Stockdale 1/3 (RBI)
Eastern: Searcy 1/4 (2B, RBI), Robinson 1/3 (3B, RBI), Sutton 1/4, Armstrong 1/4, Delaney 1/4 (2B, 2 RBI), Epperson 1/4, Sease 3/4 (RBI), Henninger 3/3, Duvall 1/1, Karrer 1/1 (RBI)
Marshall: G. Ives 6.2 (14 hits, 6 runs)
Eastern: Robinson 2.0 (3 hits, 4 runs), Epperson 5.0 (2 hits, 1 run)

In the first of two games on Wednesday, the Marshals beat Russell, Ky. 2-1, scoring one run in the bottom of the second on a wild pitch and a run in the bottom of the third on a single by Johnson. Weston Harper went the distance on the mound to get the win, allowing five hits, one run and striking out six batters. Belcher led at the plate with a single and two doubles.

Russell    0 1 0  0 0 0  0  1 5 1
Marshall 0 1 1  0 0 0  x  2 5 0
Russell: Funk 1/2, Wilburn 1/3, Hamilton 2/3 (2B), Cox 1/3 (RBI)
Marshall: Johnson 2/3 (RBI), Belcher 3/3 (2-2B), Riley 1/3
Russell: Blanton 6.0 (5 hits, 2 runs)
Marshall: Harper 7.0 (5 hits, 1 run)

The Marshals met Ashland Blazer in their final game in Myrtle Beach. The Tomcats led 2-0 after three innings before the Marshals got on the board in the bottom of the fourth on a 2-out double by Jordan Riley.

Two more Marshall County runs in the bottom of the fifth came on a sacrifice fly by Johnson and single by Cole Griggs to put the Marshals up 3-2.

They extended their lead to 5-2 in the bottom of the sixth, scoring on an error and bases loaded run when Johnson was hit by a pitch at the plate. The Marshals held on to win 5-3 to close out their games in Mrytle Beach with a 3-1 record and improve to 10-2 on the season.

Riley Harris earned the win in seven innings on the mound, allowing five hits, three runs with five strike outs.

Ashland    0 1 1  0 0 0  1  3 5 2
Marshall 0 0 0  1 2 2   x  5 6 2
Ashland: Dickison 4/4 (2-2B), Greene (RBI), Busch 1/2, Francis (RBI)
Marshall: Buchmeier 1/3, Johnson (2 RBI), C. Griggs 1/4 (RBI), Riley 1/3 (2B, RBI), Neeble 1/1, Stockdale 2/3
Ashland: Atkins 5.0 (5 hits, 3 runs), Stevens 0.0 (1 hit, 2 runs), Hall 1.0 (0 hits, 0 runs)
Marshall: Harris 7.0 (5 hits, 3 runs)