Marshall Master Gardener Association recognized at state level

Pictured: (top left to right) Dennis Riley, Doug Pardy, Kelly Canfield, Pat Drysdale, Robert Gooud, Betty Jones, Nikki Bell, Teri Shade, Joe Mitchell. (bottom left to right): Jan Flynn, Kathy Nord, Jeanne Gooud, Michelle Spiceland, Barbara Ray, and Johnnie Davis.

The Marshall Master Gardener Association (MMGA) was awarded the Kentucky State Master Gardener “Search for Excellence Award” for 2018. This award is given to one Master Gardener Association that exemplifies excellence in community education through demonstration gardens and research. The award application was submitted by a committee consisting of MMGA officers: Doug Pardy, Barbara Ray, and Kathy Nord.

The MMGA is a volunteer organization through the Marshall County Cooperative Extension Service. Their role as Master Gardeners is to assist the Extension Office and their Coordinator, Nikki Bell, Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources, in reaching more individuals with home horticulture information. Master Gardeners are hardworking volunteers who are dedicated to helping others.

The demonstration garden was designed to showcase horticulture excellence, encourage education, provide opportunities for research through flower and vegetable trials and donate garden produce to low-income residents of Marshall County. Using the demonstration gardens, the association has successfully harvested and donated over a ton (2000 lbs.) of vegetables to county residents in need. What began as just a simple garden project has developed into a tremendous opportunity for our local community. You could say, the MMGA’s mission, “We Can Make a Difference” isn’t just a slogan.

The MMGA members who contributed to the success of the demonstration gardens include: Kelly Canfield, Johnnie Davis, Jan Flynn, Charles Frasier, Jeanne Gooud, Robert Gooud, Sue Griggs, Betty Jones, Joe Mitchell, Jennifer Daniels, Carl Newton, George Rob, Dennis Riley, Kim Young, Teri Shade, Pat Drysdale, Michelle Spiceland, and Mike Stewart.

If you are interested in contacting the MMGA or becoming a Master Gardener, contact the Marshall County Cooperative Extension Office at 270-527-3285.