Swim team takes second at Madisonville

Pictured in a swim meet from last year, Mary Grace Thompson took first in the 100 yard freestyle and second in the 50 yard freestyle at Madisonville’s Nofsinger Invitational Thursday.

The Marshall County swim team competed in the Nofsinger Invitational in Madisonville Thursday, their sixth meet of the season with one left on Jan. 21 in Paducah before Regionals on Feb. 8-9. In combined scoring, the team placed second overall behind first place Madisonville-North Hopkins among a field of seven teams.

Top individual finishes for the team came from Nikalai Bryan with a first in the 100 yard butterfly (1:13.09), Mary Grace Thompson first in the 100 yard freestyle (1:02.01) and second in the 50 yard freestyle (28.01) and Delaney Miller second in the 100 yard butterfly (1:10.05).

Five relay teams placed second including the girls and boys 200 yard medley relay, the girls 200 yard freestyle relay and the girls and boys 400 yard freestyle relay. Several swimmers recorded personal best times at Madisonville.

Marshall County results from Madisonville:

200 medley relay 2nd Erbacher, Siress, Miller, Thompson
200 freestyle 5th Kaylee Adamson
200 IM 4th Maidie Siress
5th Gabby Gibbs
50 freestyle 2nd Mary Grace Thompson
9th Chelsea Erbacher
18th Scarlett Wilkey
100 butterfly 2nd Delaney Miller
4th Gabby Gibbs
100 freestyle 1st Mary Grace Thompson
13th Whitney Phillips
14th Maidie Goins
200 free relay 2nd Miller, Siress, Erbacher, Thompson
100 yard backstroke 3rd Chelsea Erbacher
6th Maidie Siress
7th Jaden Topper
100 breaststroke 6th Delaney Miller
7th Scarlett Wilkey
400 free relay 2nd Thompson, Dittman, Pugh, Chambers
200 medley relay 2nd Armstrong, Hall, Bryan, Moshure
50 freestyle 5th Jason Sheridan
6th Wyatt Moshure
7th Cameron Armstron
100 butterfly 1st Nikalai Bryan
5th Kyle Hall
100 freestyle 3rd Wyatt Moshure
4th Andrew Wilson
5th Jason Sheridan
200 free relay 4th Wilson, Bryan, Hall, Sheridan
100 backstroke 4th Nikalai Bryan
5th Cameron Armstrong
6th Ethan Delaney
100 breaststroke 3rd Andrew Wilson
5th Kyle Hall
11th Skyler Winsett
400 free relay 2nd Wilson, Sheridan, Armstrong, Moshsure