Special Called Fiscal Court Meeting Recap

By: Aaron Clayton

On Thursday, November 8th a special called meeting of the Marshall County Fiscal Court was held.

In ordinance 2018-12 the industrial revenue ordinance refunding bonds second reading for the Jonathan Creek Crossings Camp which has been part of the Kentucky Baptist Assembly since 2008 is part of a $4.6 million bond that cannot be exceeding that amount. To refinance for the installation of property to educate young people as part of the KBA ministry they have paid up all of their debts. Not only have the bonds been purchased but the money has been loaned by US Bank due to their perfect performance. The loan agreement and bond purchases agreement with Kentucky Baptist Assembly was officially approved.

Minutes were also approve from the October 16th and October 31st meetings of the Marshall County Fiscal Court.

Southwest One water sewer line extension advertisement and bids: Marshall County Attorney Jeff Edwards has been working with the City of Benton to extend all utilities provided by the city out Highway 641 for the new Southwest One Industrial Park. Due to the annexation that the city will be having to do as soon as the property is officially purchased to construct those new utilities it will cost $2.2 million roughly. They will work out what the city and county can cover over the next two months. The city has authorized and agreed to bid out the project for real numbers that had been put out by Rivercrest Engineering.

Payment of the bills were approved.

Deeds for Victor Darnell Rd have been purchased by the Fiscal Court from the property owners so they can now build a turn around at the end of that road.

Vacant lots:  Jimmy Knight says he will pay property taxes in excess of $1500.00 and pay $1500.00 of a $5,000.00 lean where a mobile home and demolished house used to sit on 205 and 215 West First Street in Benton in exchange for the lean being released so he will be allowed to purchase the property.

There was also a road petition by various property owners to have Obe Road officially closed and discontinued as part of the county road system. Road reviewers, Andy Lepisto and Casey Counce, will be sent out. The petition will also be posted within one mile in three conspicuous places around Obe Road to tell that there could be a possibility of closure. A public hearing will be set at a later date.

Marshall County Library Board appointment as Barbara Sloan’s term has expired. Allen Jones has been appointed for a two year term.

Linda Woodward has had to resign from the Marshall County cemetery board due to health reasons. Her term will now be filled out by Don Howell.

In the drawn out request from Kentucky Industrial Authority for the Marshall County sanitation expansion project on Highway 68 near Draffenville. Murtco Inc will now receive the money on their third monthly payment.

In the treasurer’s report there was a balance of $5,837,465.94. One intrafund transfer was made in the amount of $29,238.45 from the general fund CFSB to the payroll CFSB. In appropriation transfers there was $3,102.78 moved from reserves to the jail fund office equipment for an insurance claim.