Bicycle-safety bill coasts through Senate

FRANKFORT – The state Senate passed a bill clarifying how motorists interact with
bicyclists by a 36-0 vote today.

The legislation, known as House Bill 33, would require drivers to keep vehicles at
least three feet away from bicyclists during an attempt to pass. If that much space
isn’t available, HB 33 states that the drivers must us “reasonable caution” when
passing cyclists. Another provision allows a driver to cross a yellow line to pass
as long as the coast is clear.

An amendment would prohibit cyclists from riding more than two abreast in a highway
lane unless the roadway is marked for bicycle use.

When Sen. Ernie Harris, R-Prospect, presented the HB 33, he said the Senate had
passed similar legislation during the prior two sessions that didn’t become law.

HB 33 now goes back now goes back to the House for consideration of the Senate change.