Elks Hoop Shoot winners advance to district competition in Madisonville

Hoop Shoot winners in the boy’s and girl’s age 8-9 division (L-R) Matthew Langhi (1st place), Owen Helm (2nd place), Rylee Teague (1st place) and Eden Sandlin (2nd place).

For the 45th year, the Elks Hoop Shoot began with local competitions with winners advancing through to district, state and regional competitions with the hope of making it to the Hoop Shoot National Finals that will take place April 21, 2018 in Chicago.

Marshal County Elks held the local competition last Saturday at Benton Elementary. Winners will advance to the district shoot in Madisonville on January 20th.  In the event a first place winner can not go to the district contest, the second place winner will take their place.

Winners in the 10-11 age division (L-R) Ty Redden (1st place), Alex Staples (2nd place), Ariel Hicks (2nd place) and Harli English (1st place).
Division winners in the 12-13 age group (L-R) Kyzer Phillips (1st place) and Blake Robinson (2nd place).