KDFWR asks residents to donate Christmas trees

Photo courtesy of KDFWR || Volunteers stage trees to prepare building fish habitats for use in Kentucky lakes.

​When the holidays are over and the lights are coming down, the final task of the season is getting rid of the tree.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is asking residents to consider donating their used, live Christmas trees to be used as fish habitats. KDFWR will take the tree and combine it with others to create “fish attractors” for lakes throughout the state. The brush reefs provide nesting and rearing habitats for gamefish, according to KDFWR, in addition to creating homes for invertebrates and smaller fish that serve as food for larger fish.

Volunteers build the tree structures and place them in the waters of the state for use.

KDFWR asks residents to clean trees of all artificial decorations, lights, tinsel and ornaments. Trees may be brought to the Kenlake Boat ramp in Marshall County for donation or any one of these locations.

For more information on how trees are used for fish habitats or the program, visit fw.ky.gov.