Two obedient Corgis

A man was demonstrating the obedience of his dog to his friend. He said, “Come out from under that chair.” The dog made no move. He commanded, “All right, stay under the chair.” The dog made no move. “See? He did just what I told him.”

Our little welsh Corgis, Ace and Zoe, are much smarter and more obedient than that dog. In fact, they seem to be able to understand complete sentences. I can stand at the front door and call to them. “Come out Zoe and Ace wherever you are.” They will come running. I can say, “Go out, and come back, and go to the porch, and get a treat.” They obey! When they come back they go straight to the porch to get their treat. You might say, they are motivated to obey. However the important thing is they do obey! I have considered taking them to church to be baptized, because they obey better than some members. Just joking of course, but making a point.

Jesus showed us the power and importance of obedience when He said, “He who has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me; and he who loves Me is loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.” John 14:21. God wants to manifest Himself to us. That means He wants to reveal Himself, show Himself plainly to us. Now that ought to motivate us like the treat motivates Zoe and Ace!

What are His conditions? We must HAVE his commandments and KEEP them. That is evidence that we LOVE Him. As a result He will show Himself plainly to us. Having Jesus reveal Himself to me is infinitely greater reward than I give to Zoe and Ace for their obedience. This brings me to ask myself, am I as obedient as our two little Welsh Corgis?