Brien announces candidacy for Marshall County County Attorney’s position

It is time for the people of Marshall County to choose their own County Attorney. It has been 24 years since the citizens of our great county even had a choice. In 2018, I want to be your choice. I am officially announcing my candidacy for Marshall County Attorney. The support I have received has been overwhelming, and the message is clear: it is time for a new approach.

Our children and families need a dedicated servant to confront child abuse and neglect head-on. Our law enforcement officers need a strong advocate in the Courthouse. Our elected officials need no-nonsense legal advice that they can rely on with confidence, and they need to hear it from someone they trust to put personal politics aside. I am the man for this job.

If elected, I will be a full time, proactive County Attorney. I will be a strong voice in the community to get ahead of the growing problems we face, rather than merely responding to those problems after the fact. I will not only prosecute those who offend the law, I will use the excellent office staff and abundant resources to work to prevent drug use, child abuse, and crime before they happen.

I have the skills and experience to be effective as County Attorney. In my legal career and as Benton City Attorney, I have dealt with every single area of the law that the County Attorney’s office sees, and more. I have advised local government on the best course of action to take on a wide variety of issues. I have successfully litigated a multitude of criminal cases. I have represented families in guardianship cases to protect seniors who could no longer protect themselves. I have advocated in Court for children who were neglected and abused.

My qualifications are not limited to the practice of law. As the Chairman of the Kentucky Lake Chamber of Commerce, I launched a young professionals program to engage more members of the community, and I will take that same type of initiative to actively create solutions to the issues in our County, instead of waiting until problems walk through the Courthouse doors.

I hope you will join me in bringing needed change to Marshall County. It is time for a new approach to this office. I want to be more than the Attorney for the County, I want to be the Attorney for the people of the County. I am asking for your vote for Marshall County Attorney.

Zach Brien