Darnall seeks election to county attorney’s seat

I am pleased to announce that I am running as an Independent candidate for Marshall County Attorney. I am thrilled to have the chance to run for the office. As soon as Jeff told me he would not be seeking re-election, I immediately called each and every officer from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Officer, the Benton and Calvert City Police Departments and representatives from other first responder agencies. I am humbled and proud to say that I received overwhelming positive feedback and support from all these individuals. Over these many years of working together, I believe we have developed a trusting relationship with one another that is second to none. I am also happy to have already received the support and backing from a multitude of attorneys from our local bar associations. Moreover, Mr. Bill Morgan has agreed to serve as my campaign treasurer. To have the support and friendship from such a respected and honorable man is something I will forever cherish.

I want to be your full-time, Independent, Marshall County Attorney.

Although this office is still technically considered a “part-time” position, the changes I have seen since beginning as an assistant in 2004 demand, in my opinion, that I commit to closing my private practice to devote my full attention to the duties of this office. I also firmly believe that since the primary function of this position is that of criminal prosecution, there is no room for partisan politics. The administration of justice should always be blind to political affiliation, and that is why I am running as an Independent candidate. Not only am I committed to working full time, I am further committed to fiscal responsibility. I want the opportunity to work with the fiscal court to save taxpayer dollars in the administration of this office.

After 13-plus years of serving as Assistant County Attorney where I have handled every issue and matter that this job entails, I know this is the job for me. The job allows me on a daily basis to protect kids, protect our community and protect some individuals from their own selves. I am good at being firm when necessary to protect our community and at offering mercy when I believe it will better steer someone’s life in a more positive direction. Additionally, I know the law; thus when it doesn’t offer a clear solution to some of the problems that stream through our office on a daily basis, I am practiced at working to find a creative way to resolve the issue. This is my job, and I take pride in doing it very well for you. Thus, I respectfully ask for my first opportunity to captain the ship next November. My platform is simple: Full time, fiscally sound and frontline experience. Jason F. Darnall for Marshall County Attorney.

Jason F. Darnall