South Marshall firefighters participate in CPR, First Aid training session

South Marshall volunteer firefighters prepare to administer chest compressions as part of a CPR training course Monday at the fire station in Aurora. CPR Solutions of Louisville donated services to provide training to South Marshall responders.

South Marshall Fire Department volunteer firefighters and other local first responders and residents participated in training sessions on CPR Monday at the South Marshall Fire Station in Aurora, courtesy of CPR Solutions of Louisville. The company, which is an American Heart Association authorized provider that offers customized courses in CPR certification and Basic Life Support (BLS), donated its services to provide training for the evening. Class participants worked to learn the steps of CPR and practiced chest compressions on specialized mannequins.

Responders will return for a second training in First Aid Tuesday evening at the station.

Tami Schott, licensed respiratory therapist and owner of CPR Solutions, demonstrates proper technique for class participants Monday at the South Marshall Fire Station in Aurora. Schott, a Marshall County native and American Heart Association authorized provider for the last 35 years, provides training in CPR and Basic Life Support for professionals and individuals throughout the state.