What then?

An old man asked a teenage boy what he planned to do in life. The boy replied, “First, I plan to graduate from high school.”

“What then?” the old man asked.

“Then I plan to study pre-med in a good university.” Said the boy.

“What then?”

“Then I hope to be accepted into a medical college to become an M.D.”

“What then?”

“I have always dreamed about serving a small community and providing medical services where they have none.”

“That is wonderful!” said the old man. “But, what then?”

The boy thought a minute and replied, “Eventually I hope to retire and spend my last years traveling and seeing the world.”

The old man asked, “What then?”

The boy said, “Well, I suppose, like everyone else, I will die.”

The old man looked steadily into the young man’s eye and asked, “What then?”

No one is prepared to live until he is prepared to die. When asked what the death rate was, evangelist Billy Graham replied, “It is 100 percent. There is one per person!”

There is no subject more relevant than the salvation of Saul. Jesus asked, “What would it profit a man if he gained the whole world and lost his own soul?” Life is fleeting like a vapor. There is no promise of tomorrow. Death is certain. Heaven is awesome and indescribable in its joy. Hell is too horrible to think about and it has no exit signs. Eternity never ends.

Time is fleeting. A lifetime goes so fast. Compared to eternity our lives are like a drop of water compared to all the oceans in the world. It will come to an end.

What then?