Reader: U of L an institution out of control


The former UL president is under investigation for mishandling millions of dollars of funds. His associates also are under fire. The former board of trustees was so corrupt the entire board was fired by our governor to start over.

Then a sex scandal rocks UL.

There is no way a bunch of 18-year-old young men will get the “show” of their life, for years and never mention it in a social media platform. The accusation came about the time the lid was about to blow on the alleged activities. I personally think the sex scandal was a method to hide Dr. Ramsey’s alleged problems.

The relocation of the CSA statue in Louisville was another diversion especially when the UL foundation gladly paid the $400,000 relocation cost. Dr. Ramsey was the head of the foundation.

We now have UL in the news again. I am NOT a fan of Coach Pitino and do not pretend to know his guilt or innocence however I believe UL is an institution that is out of control, if the laws allow, I think the entire institution should be put under state receivership until it is all sorted out.

Michael Gordon
Benton KY