Prove It

I have the cutest grand-baby in the world. I know all new grandparents say that, but every time I show her picture to someone, they agree.

She’s adorable.

Since she lives so far away and I don’t get to see her very often, I have to make a serious effort to stay connected.

If I fail at that, that isn’t her fault, it’s mine.

In kindergarten terms, I can say all day long how much I love her but I have to prove it.

Words mean nothing if actions aren’t included.

This came to mind the other day as I returned from an outreach where I watched Jesus followers hang out at a local
apartment complex.

I watched them meet their neighbors, eat with them, and get to know to them.

I saw them having dinner together, smiling, laughing, and playing games with the children.

I watched love in action. I’ll never forget one resident smiling and saying, “Nobody else does this for us.”

Christians, we are nowhere near as kind, compassionate,graceful, and good as the one we strive to follow.

I don’t have a problem admitting that.

We know it’s true and so does the world.

Jesus was great at entering situations and changing them.

The poor, sick, and marginalized, not only sought him out, they screamed his name in public places certain he could change their lives and he did.

When’s the last time people begged the church to enter their situations?

If we’re being honest I think we can agree that most people are hoping we don’t.

Some of us are known for how well we don’t love. We have, not only an obligation to our Savior, but a responsibility to our neighbors to enter their situations.

To be people of integrity who don’t walk away gossiping or laughing at their circumstances but to be people of compassion who have a desire to serve and love our neighbors.

In every situation we encounter, we should be like Jesus.

We should be the ones asking how we can help and then being busy helping.

Our sermons, articles, Facebook posts, tweets, websites, Bible classes and college lectureships, even our music means nothing if we’re not loving the people around us.

In fact, one wise writer said our words resemble banging cymbals if actions aren’t involved (I Corinthians 13:1).

Church, I invite you to get out of your buildings and into your communities. Give your neighbors proof that our God is alive and deeply loves them.

Find a neighborhood you can bless and then get busy.