Lady Marshals in final week of regular season, begin with wins over Caldwell and Graves

Payton Smothers, in the Lady Marshals last two games, was four for seven with a single, two doubles, a home run and five RBI’s.

Entering their final week of the regular season, the Lady Marshals won their first two of four games this week, 6-2 over Caldwell County and 5-3 over Graves County.

In their win over Caldwell County Monday, the Lady Marshals six runs came on eight hits. Caldwell scored in the third and the Lady Marshals tied it 1-1 in the fourth on a solo home run by Payton Smothers.

A four-run fifth inning began on a home run by Gracey Murt, scoring three more runs on a double by Smothers and single by Addie Young to lead 5-1 and added their final run of the game on a single by Lexee Miller to hold off the Lady Tigers 6-2.

Aubree Jo Kemp got the win on the mound in six innings, allowing four hits, one earned run and struck out four.

 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   R   H   E
Caldwell  0  0  1  0  0  0  1  2  6  0
Marshall   0  0  0  1  4  1  x  6  8  2

Marshall: Miller 2/3 (RBI), Smothers 2/3 (2B, HR, 3 RBIs), Young 1/3 (RBI), Tomassi 1/3, Murt 1/3 (HR, RBI), Elkins 1/3
Caldwell: Leidtchfield (RBI), Glover 1/4 (RBI), Burke 1/3 (2B), Rennison 3/3, Felker 1/2
Marshall: Kemp 6.0 (4 hits 1 run), Lovett 1.0 (2 hits, 1 run)
Caldwell: Franklin 6.0 (8 hits, 6 runs)

Taylor Travis was the second batter up for Graves County Tuesday and hit one out of the park for an early 1-0 lead for the Lady Eagles. They added two more runs in the top of the third, again on a Travis single and Bailey Wilson single.

The Lady Marshals got their bats going in the bottom of the fifth, starting with a single by McKenzie Elkins and sacrifice bunt by Kaycee Kemp. Miller reached on an error that scored two runs, Smothers hit a two-run double and an RBI single by Young put the Lady Marshals up 5-3, with no more scoring from either team after that.

Gabbi Lovett went to the mound in the fourth inning, picking up the win in four innings of work, allowing no hits, no runs and struck out one.

 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   R   H   E
Graves   1  0  2  0  0  0  0  3  5  2
Marshall  0  0  0  5  0  0  x  5  8  2

Marshall: Miller (2 RBIs), Smothers 2/4 (2B, 2 RBIs), Young 3/4 (RBI), Murt 1/3, Elkins 2/3
Graves: T Travis 2/3 (HR, 2 RBIs), Wilson 1/3 (RBI), Wimsatt 1/3, Harrison 1/3
Marshall: Wadkins 3.0 (5 hits, 3 runs), Lovett 4.0 (0 hits, 0 runs)
Graves: Wimsatt 6.0 (8 hits, 5 runs)

Cayson Conner made the tag at second base on Caldwell County’s Neely Shoulta.