Operation Preparation makes splash at Marshall County schools

OP 2 2016 OP 2016
Operation Preparation is a joint effort of the Kentucky Department of Education and
the Department of Workforce Development and provides a powerful opportunity for
schools, students, parents and communities to collaborate in the process of
effective advising and focus attention on the importance of planning for college
and/or career.

During March 2016, volunteer community advisors meet with every 8th- and 10th-grade
student to talk about careers. The community advisor will talk with the students

  *   career aspirations, required education/training and workforce skills
  *   whether the student is on target to meet their goals
  *   whether the student is taking the courses to prepare them for a successful future

The meeting is designed to provide both information and inspiration for the student
to achieve college/career-readiness.

This Information is provided by the KDE website.

Picture 1: Dr. Adam Lyles and Addison Tynes