Give Them Jesus!

johntparishA few nights ago I had the most unusual dream. The most of my dreams are what I call “pizza dreams” – they are caused by overeating right before bedtime. But there are those that are different – they have meaning and I remember them.

This dream was dated. It was 1948 all over, and I was listening to President Harry Truman on the radio during his campaign against Thomas Dewey. People in the crowd were screaming; “Give them hell, Harry!” that actually happened during that campaign. In my dream, I said, “No! They don’t need that! Give them Jesus!” and I awoke with these thoughts running through my head:

  • Give them Jesus so they won’t spend eternity in hell. Jesus will give them an eternity in Heaven. What a difference! What an enormous, indescribable, vast, and eternal difference!
  • Most people are already going through trials, tribulations, difficulties, problems, sicknesses, and disappointments. They already have troubles enough. They need help! They need answers!

Just as the banner often seen at Billy Graham’s crusades: Christ is the answer! Give them Jesus!

We who have been forgiven need to forgive others and give them the message of forgiveness through Christ. We who have been shown mercy need to be merciful to others. We who have received grace need to be gracious as we give the message of grace to a sick, suffering, lost world. Jesus said it like this: “Freely you have received, freely give.”

Many people have asked me, “How do I get into the ministry?” My answer is pretty simple. The world is full of lost, sick, needy people. If God has done something for you, share it with them. Start anywhere you want to. They are everywhere. You have the whole world to wobble in. Give them JESUS!