Letter to the Editor on the Alcohol Referendum

Is anyone surprised that Planned Parenthood, (our nation’s largest abortion provider) has been making big bucks selling baby parts? Apparently, the late term abortion fees (over $2000) and the annual tax payer subsidy (over $540 million) were not enough. On a side note, does anyone see the irony in the name “Planned Parenthood,” when they are all about preventing parenthood?” That would be akin to my dentist calling his practice a vision center. If there’s no shame, then why not call themselves something more accurate like, “Center for Less Children?”(53 million less). Why “Pro-Choice?” Is the label “Pro-Abortion” too negative? Abortion is an industry that has always been about greed, even if the truth is so cleverly disguised in nice sound bites. The abortion providers take our money, dismember our children, sell the precious parts and smile, all the while, telling us how concerned they are for our “rights” and our “choice.” Likewise, the spin for bringing in local alcohol sales is so sweet that one could become so distracted by the promises of financial gains that the concern for whether it is moral or wise may not even register. Has anyone on the planet not been touched by the destruction and heartbreak related to alcohol?!

Since the arguments for alcohol sales are mostly about “bigger revenues,” let’s give some ink to that line of reasoning. How much will it cost to incarcerate or rehab those that are addicted? What will their lost wages cost in tax revenues? What about the emotional toll and financial costs when young children are yanked out of affected families? Who can put a value on a human life? Talk to the grieving parent or the grandparent raising grandkids. What would a young person give to erase the past and the crushing guilt from having taken another’s life by DUI? How about a middle-aged person who’s carried a ball and chain of addiction for years? Do we really want to build our economy with more blood-money? Do we want to even potentially sacrifice one more life on the alter of “prosperity?” The truth is alcohol related calamity actually costs the U.S. tax payers over 59 billion a year, not to mention all the invaluable lives destroyed. No doubt, abortion has cost us so much as well. How many potential scientists, great athletes, musicians, teachers, or God knows what have been snuffed out in the name of “prosperity?” When we sell our souls to the god of money, it always requires a sacrifice.

Speaking of prosperity, we live in the most affluent society the world has ever seen. And yet we are not content. In fact many are miserable because materialism never satisfies. A salary of just $37,000 per year ranks one in the top 1% of the world’s wage earners. Like an anorexic who doesn’t know when they are thin, we are rich and we don’t even know it! So we pursue the illusive carrot and have a constant thirst for more to our own demise. The thirsty alcohol advocates smile and tell us it’s all for our “progress.” In the same vein, how did we ever buy into the belief system that destroying an unborn baby was “progress?” The abortion rights folks packaged it so brilliantly and marketed it with flowery deceptive words. We were fooled way back then, but let’s keep both eyes wide open now.

Do we really want to take the lid off another Pandora’s box that we will never ever be able to close? Try as we might, there’s not been any do-over’s or saying, “I take that back,” with abortion. And cracking the lid only a little, “just to allow alcohol sales in restaurants” won’t ever be enough. If this passes, I bet my house, there will eventually be a push for local bars and ABC stores. Darkness never stays put in the tidy boundaries we give it. Just look at the example of Planned Parenthood unlawfully marketing our unborn children’s organs! ? Are we going to be duped again into allowing the unthinkable?

Of the more than 10,000 people who die each year due to alcohol related motor vehicle accidents many are innocent children strapped into their car seats, trustingly going along for the ride. Our children are trusting us today to ensure they have a safe place to grow and thrive. Do we really want to make it easier for our youth to start on a dark road of addiction? The alcohol supporters even use our children in their attempt to convince us it’s all a wonderful way to increase local revenues for them to have “better playgrounds” and on and on. Shouldn’t we already be able to pay for those playgrounds since we live in a county that is taxed at the third highest level in the state?! But there’s no amount that is ever going to be enough for the big black hole of greed. I pray that God will help me see clearly and fight that vile green monster in my own heart every time it rears its ugly head. Fight with me dear neighbors! Don’t be deceived or intoxicated with greed! Let’s not choose to sell out our children again! Please vote “No” on the 28th!

Darcey Beale
Benton, KY