Concerns over location of Youth Psychiatric Treatment facility addressed at Fiscal Court

Dr. Wasim Sajid addressed the Fiscal Court in Tuesday's meeting about the new Purchase Youth Village Psychiatric Treatment Center.
Dr. Wasim Sajid addressed the Fiscal Court in Tuesday’s meeting about the new Purchase Youth Village Psychiatric Treatment Center.

BENTON – At the March 3rd Fiscal Court meeting, concerns were brought forward by Marshall County citizen Kathy Johnston, who was opposed to the site location for the new Purchase Youth Village Psychiatric Treatment Center which will be built behind her home.

The center will provide 24-hour in-patient treatment and rehabilitation to children between the ages of four and 21 with severe emotional disabilities according to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Johnston said she is concerned over issues such as safety and security due to her grandchildren and other children who play in the area as well as the project’s potential effect on property values. She asked the court what she can do to oppose the facility and possibly get it relocated.

In response to concerns, Dr. Wasim Sajid came to the Tuesday, April 21st meeting to address the court and answer questions.

In addressing the court, Dr. Sajid said he is a Board Certified adolescent and child psychiatrist who has also treated many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Sajid said he spent eight years at the University of Florida as the Chief of the Division of Adult Psychiatry and is currently the Medical Director at Lincoln Trail Behavior Health System in Louisville.

Dr. Sajid gave some back-ground information on the facility and it’s function.
He said the plans for this Level 2 facility began in 2011 noting there are many Level 2 facilities around the nation, but not in this area, which means many children must be away from family and home to seek treatment.

The Certificate of Need was ordered in January 2012 with approval being made by the state. “The biggest need in the state is children with autism and other developmental disabilities”, Sajid said adding “this type of facility is highly needed in this area and no one is doing it.”

The facility, which will be located close to the Marshall County Hospital, will look more like an apartment building and not an institution, according to Sajid, where children can reportedly stay for longer periods of time in a home-like setting.

“The children can learn the skills they need for a successful life at home”, Sajid said. The facility will be the first of its kind in the state, focusing on children in the local area and will provide new jobs in the 24-bed facility. “The whole state will be looking at this state of the art facility”, Sajid said.

Sajid tried to reassure concerns saying the facility will be a very secure, locked facility and will not pose any risk or danger to the community. He said the privately owned facility by Sajid and a colleague will follow all state laws.

Sajid said that the late Judge Mike Miller was a big proponent of the facility being built in Marshall County. The Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) is a Level 2 facility where children typically move to from a Level 1 facility.
The typical length of stay will be 90 to 180 days with the majority being treated between the ages of 9 to 14.

“Our goal is to be part of your community”, Sajid said. He then answered question from several concerned citizens in attendance including what the facility might do to their property values and inquiries as to whether the facility will be fenced.

Sajid said he feels the facility will, if anything, improve property values in the area and that there will be a fence around the facility, highly supervised by their staff with security cameras outside and inside so the children can be monitored 24/7.

Sajid and several in attendance left the Fiscal Court room and spent time in the old court room to continue to address questions and concerns.

Denzel Martin Road
Jamie Silvernail lives at the end of Denzel Martin Road off of Hwy. 1422. They currently have a waterline that runs the entire quarter-mile up to 1422 where their meter is.
Silvernail has requested access to the county right of way to access their water line to repair leaks which will require them to go through property of current residents on the road.
The court plans to have Road Superintendent Russell York inspect the area, determine the right of ways and address it at the next Fiscal Court meeting on May 5th.

Jail Manual and Building Code Ordinance
The court approved the Jail Personnel and Policy Procedure Manual.
The second reading of the Building Code Ordinance was read and approved.

Expanded Jurisdiction and Board Appointments
Wendy Baxter updated the court on their progress with new information from Frankfort regarding their application for expanded jurisdiction. Baxter said they were told that the state is revamping their expanded jurisdiction forms which will stretch out the process even longer.
Judge Chyrill Miller  announced appointment to the new board which will oversee expanded jurisdiction.
Judge Miller’s appointment is Bill Gibson, Benton’s is Justin Edwards, Hardin has appointed David Smith and the commissioners appointed Larry MaHafey. Calvert City’s appointment is soon to be made.

Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway
A new revised race schedule was submitted to Judge Miller and they have selected their nine races for time variances which the court approved.

Riverport Authority Board
The Marshall County Calvert City Riverport Authority Board has requested to appoint Tim Vaughn to replace the position of Judge Mike Miller which will expire in June 2015. The appointment was approved.

A proclamation to make May 2015 as Clean-up Marshall County Month along roadways and highly traveled tourist areas, was approved.

Budget Amendment Ordinance
County Treasurer, Emily Martin, read the Budget Amendment Ordinance 2015-01, which the court approved.

Aurora Ross Auxiliary
Board members from the Auxiliary would like to take over the lease on the park area property and asked that the county continue their general maintenance and take over the payment of the electrical fees which was approved.

State Flex Funds
Recommendations for the road flex funds to be spent in the county will be sent to Frankfort. These funds are used for resurfacing on existing roads where the biggest need is.

Phillips Road Speed Limit
A request has been made to post a speed limit on Phillips Road which connects between Hwy. 58 to Jackson School Rd. They will have Russell York and Sheriff  Byars take a look at the road and then a speed limit will be determined.

Refuse District
The District’s budget of $2, 412, 600 was accepted by the court.