Appendix 3 to Annual EEO Public File Report Form

Covering the period from April 1st 2012 to March 31st 2013
Stations comprising Station Employment Unit: WCBL AM/FM & WCCK
Section 3: Supplemental (Non vacancy specific) recruitment activities undertaken
WCBL(AM/FM) & WCCK have participated in several non-job vacancy menu options, including:

To Give Marshall County high School students the experience of writing, recording and producing a regular radio feature, and then having that program broadcast during the halftime of local football games, WCBL initiated the “Focus on MCHS” feature several years ago….this gives students valuable broadcast experience and is run on all three stations.

Regular recordings of Marshall County elementary, middle school and high school students for a program called “Character Counts.” Gives students broadcast experience and is run on all three stations.

On the regular mailing list of Murray State University’s publication of graduating seniors of the Communications Dept. (sponsorship of the printed program of Journalism and Mass Communications sponsored in part by Freeland Broadcasting)

Regular advertiser and participator in MSU’s Journalism and Communications workshops.

Training and mentoring programs designed to help and encourage station personnel to learn skills for them to move into higher level positions…including hands on training programs for broadcast sales, production and on air skills.

Regular contributor to Star Bank at MCHS, giving students hands on experience with money and job skills.

WCBL/WCCK welcomes all youth and civic groups for station tours and we average around 5 each year. The tours include discussion of the various radio broadcast employment opportunities, as well as “how” radio works and the service we provide to the community.

WCCK holds an annual fall picnic at Mike Miller Park in Draffenville, Ky. Besides a day of food and fellowship, station personnel discuss the radio business and the various job responsibilities. Listeners are invited to stop by the station at anytime for a tour and a more in-depth discussion.