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Jan 27th
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Calvert City streets to get overhaul, golf carts on roadway addressed

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CALVERT CITY- Several Calvert City Streets will be getting a much needed face-lift in the near future according to a new road repair plan layed out in the August meeting of the city council. Of the upcoming work schedule, city worker Brad Darnell reported to councilmen, “there are lots of roads that need to be looked at for overlaying, a couple need a pretty good overhaul to make them safe.”

Darnell said the city will be focusing on three roadways, 9th, 10th and 15th Avenue. “That one [15th] is really a dangerous street to me,” he said. “It’s got narrow culverts and limited sight distance.”  Darnell proposed the work begin on 9th Avenue with a widening of the shoulders, possibly two-feet in width, an upsizing of culverts and resizing of ditches. “If you run off there, you are in trouble,” he told councilmen. Of an estimation on the cost of the proposed work, Brad said, “We will be bumping a million bucks, but it will be worth it down the road."
As for privately owned culverts, Councilman Gene Colburn asked what the existing city policy consisted of. Brad said the city’s policy states the city will provide manpower to replace culverts if individuals purchase the culvert and related materials.
Considering the extensive overhaul needed on 15th street to level out some of the existing hills, councilman Darryl Smith suggested the city consider completing road work on both 9th and 10th Avenue first. Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones advised Darnell to obtain estimates from engineering firm Florence and Hutchinson and present them at the next council meeting so repair can get underway.

Golf carts
The issue of golf carts on the roadway was once again addressed in the meeting of the council. Calvert Police Chief David Elliott told councilmen that since the issue was addressed in last month’s meeting, he had been “bombarded” with calls. Elliott provided copies of the Kentucky Revised Statutes as related to both the use of ATVs and golf carts on the roadway. Elliott said his department had been making stops on vehicles which were not operating according to city ordinance and had a lot of feedback from the community on the issue. “The biggest issue has been the kids hanging all over the golf carts,” Elliott said. “We have made several stops and just about every one of them have been in my office the next morning.”
Two local citizens were present for the meeting, both citing their support for the use of golf carts on the roadway, but also in favor of restrictions regarding their use. In an effort to clarify the city's ordinance to local residents, Councilman Darryl Smith suggested publishing the city ordinance in local newspapers to better inform the public. The council is set to review the state statutes and revisit the issue in next month’s council meeting.

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