What If?

What if some of the things we see on the media aren’t real?

What if that pastor who seems to be groping a celebrity didn’t intend to and really isn’t a creep?

What if that politician who seems rude and flippant isn’t ignorant or a jerk but a person of conviction?

What if that football player who seems to be disrespecting his country isn’t and is actually standing for something bigger than himself?

What if the devil is behind all this chaos and is enjoying our misery?

What if we didn’t fly off the handle every time we see something we don’t understand or agree with?

What if we spent time with others who are completely different than us?

What if we got back into Bible class and started talking about hope to the kids?

What if we started serving at the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and learned how to listen to others less fortunate?

What if we’re here for more than being angry and tired all the time?

What if God is giving us another chance today to fix the wrongs we made yesterday?

What if there’s more to this life than what we can see? What if everything Jesus said about loving our enemies was put into practice?

What if the church accepted the fact that she is the misfit, the outcast, the hurting, the rescued, and the redeemed?

What if the church was known by how well she loved everyone?