Where the Healing Is

Another Mother’s Day is here and like each year, it brings a bit of sadness.

My mother struggled with mental illness, addiction, and grief. We had a strained relationship but I am fiercely protective of her memory. She was mine and I’m thankful we had nineteen years together.

I didn’t get to know her then but I’ve gotten to know her in the years she’s been gone in the eyes of others.

The under appreciated and exhausted woman.

The single, broken, and poor woman.

The addicted woman.

The oppressed woman.

The grief stricken woman.

The loud and unheard woman.

The kind and compassionate woman.

The godly woman.

I’ve seen my mother in each of them and learned to forgive her through them.

God has a way of answering our questions and explaining parts of our lives if we’re able to look past our own brokenness and sit with others in theirs. This is church.

If you’re looking for healing quit looking down on other women and reach out to them. Forgive them. Listen to them. Love and serve them. Show them Jesus. That’s where the healing is.