Reader calls for elected officials accused of sexual harassment to resign from office


I recognize that inappropriate sexual harassment knows no political boundaries. Will it ever be eradicated? Probably not. Accountability from the voters and the political parties, then it may be greatly curtailed.

After the tragic murder of Trooper Cameron Ponder, State Rep Will Coursey, Democrat of the 6th District suggested that the KSP should put bullet proof glass in the KSP patrol cars at a cost of $1,500 per car.(1)

In 2013 Rep. Coursey was sued by a female staffer for sexual harassment. Two other Democrat law makers were sued as well. In 2015 the Commonwealth of Kentucky paid out $400,000 to settle these lawsuits (2). We in Kentucky could have spent that $400,000 to protect troopers in at least 250 cars.

If we in Kentucky are demanding that those who have settled lawsuits of sexual harassment to resign, then I am using this letter to call for the resignation of Rep. Will Coursey and suggest that he retire from the public eye, not to seek another local or higher office.

Michael Gordon

(2) The other lawsuit was raised by a female staffer of Rep. Will Coursey, a Democrat from Symsonia. In that lawsuit, an LRC staff member alleged that she was demoted when she accused him of sexually harassing two other staffers (